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4 A NEW USA - THE ROOSEVELT/REAGAN WAY!- A CALENDRICAL MEMOIR By STEFAN LONCE with MH FRYBURG will be the first in a series of books explaining how the ideas and examples of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan inspire STEFAN LONCE as he and MH FRYBURG attempt to start a business selling books, calendars, greeting cards, and other items, all with vanity license plates.


4 A NEW USA - THE ROOSEVELT/REAGAN WAY!- will be published in 2023.


4 A NEW USA - THE ROOSEVELT/REAGAN WAY!- is also a political manifesto. Roosevelt and Reagan were the 2 most transformative 20th century Presidents. FDR created the New Deal, which completely transformed the USA and the role of the US Government; Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt provided the inspired leadership that won WW2. Reagan was a huge Roosevelt fan who preserved and strengthened FDR�s greatest domestic legacy -- Social Security -- when it was on the verge of insolvency in 1983.


4 A NEW USA - THE ROOSEVELT/REAGAN WAY!- will be fascinating and fun. Lonce and Fryburg are the leading experts on vanity license plates. Franklin Roosevelt had the first known vanity plates on his cars with hand controls he designed at the polio clinic he founded in Warm Springs, Georgia; the plates said [FDR]. On 8-21-1970, Governor Ronald Reagan signed the law authorizing California to issue vanity plates, which provides that the plate fees are paid to the California Environmental License Plate Fund; today, thanks to Governor Reagan, California earns $38 million annually from vanity plates for environmental programs, statewide!


FDR-1 Custom License PlateLCNS2ROM Custom License Plate


Vanity plates have empowered 9,000,000 American motorists to tell GR8 [great!] stories, or to promote causes or organizations, like this one:Donor and Donee custom license plates


"Allison Masry is always with her husband, Rudolph, even when they're miles apart. That's because, in 2003, Ally donated a kidney to Rudy, who suffered from end-stage renal failure. Ally's vanity plate says DONOR, and Rudy's says DONEE."


Ally and Rudy have DONATE LIFE special license plates, which promote organ donations, and their plates have probably saved lives: the Masrys frequently persuade people who stop to talk with them about their plates to sign organ donation consent forms.